Is it only used to serve alcoholic beverages?
Not at all!  The trailer is considered a “prop”.  Everything in the trailer is movable.  We created it to serve beverages (beer, wine, cocktails, whiskey, coffee/tea, etc.) and some food items at private functions.  It can also be used as a cash register station, to distribute marketing materials or as a photo booth!

What is the process for renting an event trailer?
Reach out to us [via our Contact page] and we’ll ask you a few questions about your upcoming event in order to provide you with an estimate.

When you’re ready to book we  have some additional questions which will enable us to prepare your contract.

A signed contract plus a non-refundable deposit is needed to officially reserve your event date.

What is the cost to rent the trailer? 
Our 1961 Clement Horse Trailer has an hourly rate with a four-hour event minimum, plus one additional hour charge for set-up & clean-up. Contact us with your event details so that we can provide you with a price estimate.

Is there a fee for delivery?
Possibly.  Watering Hole Rentals will deliver and pick-up the trailer to locations within Ventura County free of charge.  For locations in communities surrounding Ventura County, a mileage fee will apply.

Will it fit at my event venue?
Our 1961 Clement Horse Trailer is: 7’6″ high, 6’11” wide, 11’6″ long and weighs approximately 1600 lbs.  It must be maneuvered into place while being towed behind a truck.   It is recommended that the unit be placed within 200 feet of bathroom and/or kitchen facilities.

What are the electrical requirements?
Power is needed for the internal overhead light & two electrical outlets.  If the conditions are safe, a power cord can be plugged into a nearby standard 110 electrical outlet.  For an additional fee a Generator can be rented to “keep the lights on” for approximately 6 hours.

How many servers can work inside the trailer?
Two adults of average size can be inside the unit at any given time.  No one under the age of 21 is allowed in the unit.

Can any type of beer keg work in the trailer?
Our trailer is equipped with two Standard Sankey D Couplers, which are the standard for U.S./Domestic kegs.  Kegs with any other type of coupler connection will require that the client rent a pump tap for that keg.

Additionally, when you obtain the kegs be sure to rent the Tubs so that the kegs can be kept cold.  We recommend that you pick up your Kegs as close to the set-up time as possible and immediately set them in the tubs along with Ice (adding Rock Salt helps too) so they are cold when your event starts.

A few common Keg sizes:                                                                                                       Pony Keg & Quarter Barrel: 7.75 gallons, 82 12-oz. servings, 87 lbs.             Sixth Barrel:  5.16 gallons, 55 12-oz. servings, 58 lbs.                                               Full Keg: 15.5 gallons, 165 12-oz. servings, 160 lbs.

What types of accessories are available?
There are attached fold-up bar tops on each side of the trailer.  We have a framed Chalkboard that can mount on either of the back doors when opened and two marquee-style signs that can be mounted on top of the trailer.  One spells, “BAR” and the other, “Cake & Coffee“.  We have a couple of Floral Garlands available to hang along the bar-top and Bistro Lights that can be strung around the trailer at night.

Does Watering Hole Rentals provide a server?
Watering Hole Rentals does not employ servers or bartenders but a list of nearby vendors can be found on our Complementary Vendors page.  Your caterer or venue may also be able to provide a server.

Are items such as glassware, serving utensils, ice, beverages or food provided?
Watering Hole Rentals does not carry a food prep or State liquor license, therefore the client, or their contracted catering service, must provide all beverages, ice, food, serving equipment, glassware, etc.

Are you insured?
Absolutely, and we can provide copies of our documents upon request.